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Ross Feb 20, 2021
Golfers that start the down swing with their lower body (hips) before the backswing finishes are:
1. Not starting their backswing using the shoulders FIRST to remove the slack in their back muscles. SO, they have a need to fix that aspect with the lower body or “hips” starting before the backswing has finished. Essentially they’re creating the windup effect during the backswing… we create it at the very start.

2. Or (more rare)… they are disconnecting and allowing the arms/club to continue moving back or up as the hips are starting forward.

Everyone will look a little different depending on how much they are letting the “shoulders” control the backswing and if they’re letting the arms/club be controlled by the shoulders. Watch the “Ross Move” and the “Ross Move Drill” for more on the hips moving too fast as you say… and getting stuck.