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Femgolf1 Apr 06, 2021
You made my day with the speedy response sir. You restored my confidence in what I have been working on for about a year now when I became your disciple. The phrase ‘ROTATION WHILE HOLDING ” is so instructive and more convincing is the word “TRUST” the ROTATION ALONE that it will do the striking better if properly understood and done without trying to hit. In fairness to your lessons and my efforts my golf has really improved and I play it even like the pros. I am very happy with my game. These questions and clarifications are just to understand better the things to do right and be convinced that they are the right things to do. In our environment every unconventional change is often criticized. So you have to be sure so that you may stick with it even when you’re still struggling. I thank you sir for your PATIENCE with us….your troublesome disciples.