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Anthony225 Mar 15, 2021
Hello Femgolf1. What helped me most recently were a couple things. One was to make sure I wasn’t lifting my arms in the backswing. Its hard to see sometimes. In a good backswing, the lifting that appears to happen is when the back elbow runs out of room from the shoulders turning. Lifting intentionally causes problems. The second thing is I improved my finish. Key for me is to not let the wrists go out towards the target after impact. I now feel that my wrists are in the same position at the end of the swing on shorter shots (relative to my belly button). So my elbows are facing kinda of down towards my hips and wrist unchanged at the end of the swing. The wrists and elbows turn with the body to the finish. At the end my right palm is facing left of the target. That little turn at the end (elbows and wrist template) delivers power to the ball. Another feel I use sometimes is to feel that my left elbow is facing down (or facing my left hip after impact) as the template turns with the body to the finish (Ross mentions this briefly in one of the elbows squeeze videos). This helps keep the arms and club from flying away from the body and being out of synch with my turn. From this my distance improved a lot and I now don’t have to turn as hard as I used to for good iron distance. Lastly, make sure 60% weight stays on front leg. Big distance loss if too much weight is on back foot at impact. If I mistakingly use my arms in the downswing it tends to require me to have more backfoot weight to keep balance. You can get away with this sometimes with driver (not consistently) but not with irons!