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Ross Jul 21, 2021
I sounds like you are flipping. You are using your back hand to help. This can happen for many reasons, but I will focus on two.

#One reason: You are subconsciously change your wrists on the backswing. Maybe rolling the face open or more than likely, hinging. Then on the downswing, you will have the need to do the opposite (to undo what you did on the backswing), and many times that turns into a flip (throwing the club head into the ball at impact… thin and picked shots). Fix: Learn to setup correctly and use only the shoulders to execute the backswing, keeping the hands fixed. This takes practice (see the Fixed Wrist Drill). This will help oliviate the need to throw the club head and allow you to just hold the correct shape and let your body rotation, accelerating, move the ball. It feels more like dragging the handle of the club to the left using your body turn (for right-hander).

#Two reason: You are raising up through impact. Raising up happens from not setting up “Athletically” in “Balance” to start with. This is usually from bending over to get down to the ball in a non-athletic way and then not being able to maintain that “out-of-balance” setup during the swing, so you raise up to “right yourself” (the body finds balance for you). Fix: Learn to setup “Athletically”. Watch “Athletic Setup” and “duplessisgolf Setup” for help.