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Ross Feb 25, 2021
There are many reasons or combinations of reasons to shank. There are many different discussions here (search the word shank) in the forums that address these reasons. In general… you start at setup with the club face square and the ball lined up in the center of the face, but at impact the face is very open and the ball can make contact anywhere on the face. This usually sends the ball going to the right (for a right handed player). One aspect that is usually part, if not all, of the problem is the hands opening the club face on the backswing and then not getting it back to square by impact.

Start by searching shank here in the forums and read all the different discussions to get answers and see where you fit in. The best way for me to know what is causing it is to look at a couple of swing videos through a golf swing analysis and direct you to the Lesson Videos that will help you build a repeatable swing.