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Ross Mar 11, 2016
A “bigger turn” does not = “more distance”. It may add some distance, but just making it “bigger”, more often than not, causes other problems.

Making it efficient* and accelerating faster on the downswing, with square/centered hits, and with the shaft in line with the front arm WILL give you some more distance**.

* A big part of “efficient” is keeping more weight forward, so you don’t slide or move toward the back foot during the backswing. Holding the front knee is one way to help. It is not in stone that the front knee must hold. If you can let it turn in, and not slide off the ball and still wind up correctly”, that is okay.

** There are so many factors that add up to added distance, or loss of distance, we could discuss it for days. My experience tells me, the straighter the ball goes, the lower you can score. Many times when a golfer tries to add distance they sacrifice direction. They think sacrificing direction is okay, because they’re closer to the green (I don’t agree). Distance isn’t the “end all” answer for better scoring or more fun/enjoyment. Distance is what advertising sells golfers on, to buy new clubs. Distance and poor course management, is what usually leads to the “others” (6, 7, 8s).

In my opinion… Everyone is capable of being excellent at putting, chipping and pitching regardless of body type or age… and most are average or worse, but still try to hit the ball farther.

FYI, I once played in a tournament and had (if I remember right) 8 one putts, most under 10′ but only had 1 birdie… the rest were all “saves” for par. I saved 7 shots with great short pitch shots and solid putting. Now that’s fun…