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carlgo May 31, 2015
Ross, thanks. Exactly. The flatter the angle, the less I instinctively feel the need to moderate things to counter any forces. I know I was compensating for this before, with the expected mixed results. Looking at a reflection, angles are still there, not out straight like Moe or acute like you see on many videos.

I think I might amend your suggestion to find the strongest angle to doing that and then flattening it out further a couple of degrees, to really keep that angle intact on full swings. Maybe that is another level of complication…

One thing that may be helping me is that my clubs are old eBay Ping ISI white dots, the size for taller people. The shafts I think are more vertical. I do not feel as comfortable with the long hybrids whose shafts are more horizontal. Perhaps they should be bent up a bit.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning that I may have a 100+ mph iron swing. Surely that is true…