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Ross May 31, 2015
That is all good!

Finding the right “shaft alignment” at setup, takes a little practice and everyone is a little different (strength, posture, grip etc.).

I think what you discovered, (that most golfers don’t know), is how the golf shaft reacts “dynamically” through impact. The inertia of the club head, pulls down when it’s traveling at 80-100+ mph during the swing (through impact). This will force the back of the front thumb and wrist to “raise up”. This usually removes any preset inward, angles* the wrists made at setup. This also can make the “toe” of the club dig deeper than the “heel” if you look at your divots. This can also be the wrong shaft for your swing. There are many trade offs.

One of the best ways to find how that shaft should be is to … hold the club with the front hand only … squeeze a bit with your hand, and then move the club around using your arm, finding the strongest position (no floppy wrist). Try to control the club and it will settle into the strongest position. This is the best position for you when you setup and swing. This takes practice.

FYI… that shaft MUST be inline with the front arm at impact … period! The butt of the club will NOT be pointing at your belly or forward of your front arm … must be inline at impact!

* The angles that would have the back of the thumb/wrist bent inward (not flat or bowed up).