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Ross Mar 07, 2015
Please re-read my response. Unless you’re “left handed”, I did NOT say to keep your right arm from folding. I said:

“Focus on the front arm staying straight.” (not the back)

Also, I do not debate methods*. It just confuses others. If I thought Hogan’s method was complete, consistent and reliable, I would not have spent the last 30 years searching for improvements. Don’t get me wrong, he was awesome and very talented, but everything has room for improvement.

With my method, we just start with the elbows correct pointing back at the hips and keep it that way, since we want it that way at impact.

Always, the best way for me to help you (or anyone), is to look at your swing videos vs. guessing.

* FYI… Hogan also taught to turn the front elbow back at the front hip through impact (so he would not “shank”), and since he opened club face at the top of the backswing, he also needed to supinate just before impact to square the open club face.