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Ross Mar 01, 2015
Focus on the front arm staying straight. The back arm will be “folded” a little. The more the arm(s) pull on their own across the chest on the backswing, the more the back elbow needs to fold. The more the elbow bends, is usually a sign that the arms/hands are involved (not good).

Ideally the arms (pretty much), stay in front of the body on the backswing, maintaining the radius and extension. The back elbow does not need to bend much when done correctly. We want to let the shoulders move all of this. If you do, you are developing potential in the back muscles for more power. Bending and lifting ruins this.

A correct backswing is much shorter than most golfer’s think. When backswing get longer, it is usually do to breakdown in the arms/elbows/hands, or over rotation of the hips. Keeping the elbows working towards each other helps keep them in check.