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Ross Aug 25, 2014
Hi JoeJacksonQ
First, with my method, there is no need for the term “swing plane”. Swing plane sends a signal to the brain, like an area that you will need to control… like a place you can take your hands/arms/club so things are “right”. It does not exist. There are too many non-repeatable levers (hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, spine tilt etc.) to ever be consistent. Every club and shot (condition) will dictate a different plane.

Second, your setup should be Athletic. Bent over is the worst possible thing anyone can do in golf …for any shot …period! You can’t maintain it… the body wants to “right itself” during the swing… and you can hurt your back (because the lower back muscles are trying to keep you “out of balance”).

The most repeatable method is to setup Athletically (I have many videos and posts on this) and Balanced… then use the Shoulders turning around your spine to control the arms/club (as you keep the club face square), for the backswing… and then the body’s rotation unwinding, for the downswing. You are starting to see more and more tour players trying to using rotation for more consistency. The big key is to keep the hands out, so the Large Muscles can take over.