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Femgolf1 Sep 30, 2021
My Golf mentor, teacher, model and creative genius. I am happy to inform you that my golf has improved tremendously since I discovered, embraced and commit to your method. I play w a lot of confidence now to the envy of my club mates and partners. For this I congratulate you and myself.
I discovered that my backswing nearly and mostly stop at the “extended” takeaway since I wont want to lift the club the hands. I am often criticized that this is too short.
How can I get the hands up to about 9’0 -10 0clock without lifting the arms in the backswing!! Am I asking for too much? I have consistently refused to yield to their criticisms because I feel my distance and results are manageable.
But is there any way I can do this or is there anything I am not doing right. You have seen two of my video for analysis.
When I watch your videos it looks to me you lift after the takeaway.!! .
I will appreciate your comments. Thank you sir.