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Hi Dan. Good question.

If you’re not 12 handicap or better… my opinion is you should aim for the middle of every green. You’ll be more successful and have more fun.

BUT, if you’ve decided to go for the flag, here are some things to consider:

This first part is kind of straight forward and a bit “negative”… some of these thoughts are looking for what you want to “Avoid”, then we will let go of those thoughts and only focus on what we “Want to Do”

Most of these can fly thru you head pretty quickly, but will help keep you from making costly mistakes if you take a moment to think:
~ Is the hole up hill or down hill?
~ Is the lie of my ball level? or up hill or down hill, or above or below my stance
~ Where on the green is the hole? Front, Middle, Back? Left, Right.
~ What danger is lurking near the hole … Water? Bunker? False front or Tier?
~ What are the weather conditions … Wind? Rain or Drizzle? or Temp (hot or cold) that may affect the ball flight.
~ What if my miss is short (what will happen), What if my miss is long (what will happen), What if I miss left,, What if I miss is right? In other words … where is the best place to miss the shot.
~ How much Risk do I need to take?

Now, no more avoid thoughts… only “WHAT I WANT TO DO” “See in your mind the exact shot you will make”… the mental picture

Once you’ve decided on the shot, “Recall” a time you took this shot and distance and were successful. Maybe a few holes back or at the practice range. Then take a practice swing or two while telling yourself… “this is what my 100 yd. swing with this club felt like” … “let’s do it again” Then, follow you routine to line up your shot and take it! No more thinking… just trust it!