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1. The shoulders setup “level” (as much as they can with the back hand lower on the grip), BUT, they turn around the spine (roughly 90° to the spine). The shoulders don’t turn level parallel to the ground.

2. Yes we sit down more with shorter club, but maintain the athletic counter balance (so to speak), with the tailbone out more to compensate. There are no specific ratios, it’s a balance thing, keeping your weight over your feet evenly.

3. Yes the hands are close to the body for wedge. If the elbows are close together and arms are hanging on top of your pecs, there should be no issues.

4. Yes the swing is steeper for wedge vs. driver. You don’t have to worry about it, just turn your shoulders around your spine at the spine angle you end up with, once you’re when you’re in balance… and for the conditions of the lie of the ball. Setup takes practice and experimentation… but you must always be in balance athletically!

5. Setup the club with the shaft in line with the front arm, elbows close together and let that hang… then sit down the ball athletically with 60% of your weight forward. You don’t have to think about “changes”. You can’t try to calculate change in spine angle, wrist angle, distance from the body etc. (for each club and situation)… just trust sitting down to the ball once your arms are setup.

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