Reply To: Stop Flipping or Throwing the Club Head


Ross Aug 29, 2014
That’s awesome Dan!

Once your brain correlates the “feeling” of keeping the face square, to more solid, straight and consistent shots, it will start to “accept” this swing change as valid, and override the old muscle memory. This takes time and is different for everyone. I’ve seen, that anyone that wants lasting change, will have to put in the time/effort, to give your body/brain time to change and accept. It is like an vague image that becomes more and more vivid and clear over time. This does not happen in a swing or a moment like “now I got it”… you develop it.

– You get it, you lose it
– You get it back better, then you lose it better (but with experience)
– You lose it less often, and get it back much quicker [wink]

… in time you learn more about yourself and your golf swing.

Glad you came by Dan…