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Ross May 22, 2016
I didn’t see Pete K. talking about sliding, but I know why it happens (and will tell you in a sec.), but I did see Pete K. talking about Jordan’s hips way ahead of his swing, and anyone that has worked on my method that have block shots, the first thing I say is watch “The Ross Move” which teaches you how to bring down the arms/club back in front of the body, so what Jordan is doing can’t happen.

NOW, a big reason it is happening to begin with is… he does not wind up like we do… from top down. He slides a bit into the back leg* and then tries to wind his shoulders, but lately is getting more of an ” arm lift” vs. shoulder turn. If he just knew how to start his shoulders first, there would be a HUGE improvement… BECAUSE, if you’ve wound up correctly, you really can’t get ahead with the hips on the downswing… everything is connected. So, when you fire the hips, here come the arms/club. There is a “continuity” through the muscles. Since, he winds up late in the backswing, he can get ahead of himself, because there is slack in his back. If there’s slack, the hips can move by themselves and leave the arms/club behind. AND, if he also knew how to keep the face square on the backswing (he opens it because he has mostly a traditional golf swing), even if his hips were ahead, he’d still hit the ball straight.

I know this is a lot of info, but I’m sure many of you know exactly what I’m talking about, because I’ve beens saying this for almost 20 years. The shoulders MUST start first on the backswing (ala Jason Day and many others that know). Essentially… you should not need “The Ross Move” if you’ve wound up correctly….

HINT: Almost no one has ever left their arm behind when they through a ball. You would not fire your hips and leave your arm behind… the hips unwind at a pace, to bring the arm/ball through and you let go.

* Since he slides, he has to slide back and that will lead to problems. It is almost like change the ball position mid-swing. If you get ahead of the ball (on the downswing), the face does not have time to close and the shot is blocked.