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Anthony225 Nov 27, 2015
I think that Davew’s statement helped:

“If you follow the instruction ‘to the letter’ this issue will probably not arise since the arm’s will come back roughly the same way they went up – by up I mean up the plane (sorry Ross) and they will come back down the plane. One issue that complicates this is that in most cases the arms ‘lift’ with respect to the body AND the plane. This means they have to descend in two way’s on the way down – one down the plane and one back to the body. It is the latter which is prone to cause problem’s as it can easily lead to a disconnection and the body can ‘leave the arm’s behind’.”

I thought about this for a bit and tried the Ross Move drill again in the back yard. I think I may have closed the gap on my disconnection problem. At least with short swings so far.

That’s twice Davew helped clear something up for me. Sometimes its good to have someone who also struggled with a fundamental part of the swing to “chip” in.