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Anthony225 Nov 08, 2015
I think that the issue may be that I was trying to not let my right (back) elbow bend. Even though I tried to squeeze my elbows together, when I tried to limit my back elbow bend I was actually becoming disconnected more and more as by backswing length increased. By squeezing and focusing on my back elbow pointing more towards the ground as I allow it to bend I believe I may be heading in the right direction. My shorter swings did not have this problem so much because my back elbow had not really reached that point. By restricting my elbow bend on longer backswings my template felt further from the front of my body and I could not get it back in front on the downswing. I was also focusing on getting the front elbow to “line-up” withe my front hip as I turned.

When I watch your full swing videos (a thousand times!), it now appears to me that your back elbow bend allows you to kind of “lay” your template back in front as your turn pulls it down and around. The challenge is that when I allow the left arm to bend it wants to bend outward so I have to on allow it to bend downward while squeezing it close to the front elbow. This feels like a small flexibility issue.

I could only try this in my backyard golf mat since we have been getting bombarded with rain for over a week in Baton Rouge. But I hope that the elbow bend is my smoking gun when I eventually go to the range.

Please let me know if I am off track in my thinking.