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Ross Feb 18, 2017
I did want to add one other concern.

In general, you want to rotate or finish (about) 90° from the instep of your back foot at setup. Many golfers setup that back foot 90° to push off the instep to face their target when finished. This means, you may want to try turning the back foot in a bit (if it is flared open) at setup. Hogan would have the back foot 90° to target and a slightly opened front foot for easier rotation.

This does not mean everyone should do this. Just experiment with width of stance and flaring and squaring the feet for different results*.

I have some of my students open the front foot, so the can finish their rotation…. if they can’t let their weight go to the outside of the front foot at the finish. Helps the turn without restricting the front knee as much*.

*If you ever have pain with any of these changes… stop! and find a more comfortable setup.