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DaveF May 15, 2017
Starting to have some success with that. Played a couple rounds last week on some really hard courses, one I hadn’t played before (Poipu Bay, former site of the GS of golf). Wind, heat, tough greens, rental clubs, lack of familiarity with the course (and playing partners[smile] etc. I just tried to stay focused on proper set-up and starting the downswing with my hips. It felt like I was testing the patience of my partners, but I didn’t swing until I rehearsed to a full finish. Even though I made some really bad swings I didn’t self-destruct like I usually do. On the contrary, regarding a guy we were playing with, I was thinking “I should be longer than him, he finishes great, and swings really fast, but he’s ‘90% arms’ “.
I finished that round with with some of my best shots of the day, and eventually out drove that guy when I wasn’t even trying to (of course!).