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Dan Jul 12, 2017
Since retiring my goal is to groove the DuPlessis method. With that, I’ve been watching videos you did online and a video you did for me (showing the club head outside the hands). The first big change I’ve made is the angle of my right hand on the club (lefty). Now I’m keeping the hand in a neutral position instead of in “ulnar deviation” (you call it hyperextention). This makes a big difference. It’s so much easier to hold the wrists in the template position now.

The next change I’m working on is turning my shoulders around my spine and only turning as far as I can before I begin to “lose” my wrist positions – another big difference. Now I’m not losing the template even before I start turning.

Now, I’m working on losing the urge to let the arms out run the body, which means simply turning and getting rid of the feeling that I have to “hit” the ball with as much force as possible. I’ll know I have made this change when my head doesn’t dip during the turn.

As always, thanks for the positive feedback.