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Ross Jul 09, 2017
Okay, I reread the post and now know why you were confused (probably the way I try to explain things). In that post, the arms moving on their own, is a “Bad” thing, because when they do, they will “choke” or “stop” the body from rotating. The body can not turn or rotate AND use the arms or hands at the same time*… it is one or the other. We want the body to continue turning and accelerate through impact, so the arms/hands must “go for a ride” during the golf swing.

* I’ve looked at hundreds of videos just for this phenomenon, and once the body senses that the hands are going to do something (like throw an axe into a tree), the body will stop turning, and brace, to throw the momentum down to the head of the axe. Most golfers think this is a reliable way to play golf and it is not !!! It changes the club face causing miss hits and causes the “flip” cutting our radius in half for a weak shot (in putting too).