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Dan Jul 08, 2017
Thanks for the response. I found the quote under (categories/downswing/the arms choke off the body rotation if they try to help).
I took your advice about staying within the confines of the rotation of the shoulders on the backswing and the body unwinding on the downswing. I spent all afternoon in the backyard hitting into a net and at the end of this session I feel like I made some good progress. I’m able to hold the template on the back swing, with the club head outside my hands (like you showed me in a video) and turn to the finish (without the feeling of trying to hit at the ball). I’m focusing on holding my wrists in the template position. When I groove this feeling I’ll send you a video. Your video analysis is always the most helpful. I’m going to get your method grooved once and for all and quit tinkering with it. Thanks again.