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Ross Jul 08, 2017
Hi Dan
Please tell me or send me a link to this “writing” you read. I’d like to go see it and reread it. It may be a typo [frown].

When I say the body controls the arms, I’m trying to convey the feeling that the arms do not move themselves (lifting, help or adding hit through impact) … they stay in the confines of the rotation of the shoulders on the backswing, and the body unwinding on the downswing. You may be stopping your body early on the downswing after impact, giving the feeling of the arms being “slung” vs. “drug” or “puller” to the left (right hander).

The elbows don’t have to be close to the body, they just have to point to the hips (at least the front elbow for sure). The arms too close to your body, may be that you’re not letting them hang on top of your pecs. Start with the club out in front of you about chest height, and shaft inline with the front arm, elbows towards each other pointing down, then let the arms drop. This should have the backs of the upper arms on top of your pecs, then sit down to the ball. I have a video on this in the “More” section > “Pre-shot Routine” > “Arm Setup”.