Reply To: Power golfer with fast hips


Ross Mar 27, 2018
Essentially all we’re doing is using the body’s rotation to bring the arms back down and around to the left (right hander). You don’t have to use the hips. What ever you can do using the body’s rotation to bring the arms back down is fine. This is a very natural idea (exactly like throwing a ball). You want to let the body swing the arms.

No, the elbows or arms don’t ever move themselves. They just go along and are “pulled down” by the body unwinding. Again, let the body unwinding, bring the arms/club back down in front of the body. It is like letting gravity take over. You don’t lift the arms up on the backswing and you don’t hold them up as the downswing starts. They just come back down. The shoulders move the arms/club on the backswing, then they just follow back down.

Make sure you’re winding up correctly on the backswing. On the takeaway, the shoulders move first and take the slack out of your back… then they keep turning a bit more to turn the hips a little… THEN, when you start to unwind the downswing, you should see (and feel) the club/arms immediately coming down too or you’re disconnected. You should not be able to unwind your body without the arms/club coming down too. If you can, you did not windup correctly.