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joecoz17 Mar 27, 2018

Thanks for the reply, I have watched all your videos including the Ross move. I just re-watched the Ross move for reinforcement.

Starting the downswing from the ground up and with my hips, keeping my hands passive and a feeling that the hands are “left behind” so they don’t engage I am able to get a good amount of separation between my hip angle and my shoulder angle (my hips can be what seems to be 45 degrees facing the target when my shoulders just return to square). So I am confused as to how the hips “pull” the elbows down back in front, I don’t see the connection.

For me when I think about passive hands it is also passive arms for me and maybe that is where there is a disconnect. You say in the Ross move that you need to feel the elbows pulling back in front. Is that something I need to actively engage my arm muscles to do (but not my hands). In other words the sequence of events are : weight more forward, knees slide, hips turn, elbows pull down in front (actively). Because when I feel passive and with my arms and hands I feel like they are left behind and honestly that is when I hit it the best using your method when I feel like my arms are just whipping through the target line as a result of my forward turn.