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Ross Jun 24, 2018
You said “no” you don’t leave your arms/club behind on pitch shots. Are you consciously maintaining an upper left arm (front arm) connection to the chest for your pitch shots? If your answer is “no” then, what moves your arms down on a pitch shot? Or, what might you be doing differently on your full swing that you don’t do on a pitch shot? Or, at what point, as you take further and longer pitch shots, do your arms/club start getting left behind?

I suspect that as you want to hit a longer shot, you may be adding a “lift” with your arms in the backswing to get more distance. This move disconnects and can create a tension or a holding of the arms at the top of the backswing. Make sure your shoulders are controlling the arms in the backswing. At the top of your backswing, you should feel like your arms are still in “front” of your chest (so to speak)… that they didn’t pull themselves across your chest behind you. If the arms activate and “help”, they can disconnect and get stuck. The “Ross Move” can help keep the arms in check and teach them how to be controlled by the shoulders. BTW… gravity and the body unwinding, bring the arms back down… just like a pitch shot.