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Ross Oct 27, 2019
The Ross Move video is describing how the arms/elbows are not left behind when the body starts unwinding on the downswing, but are actually being moved back down. The Ross Move pulls the elbows/club down “back in front”… not “at the ball”. The downswing is a continuous dynamic move from the top of the backswing, back down and to the finish. The Ross Move is explaining that the arms/elbows need to come along for the ride, and should return back in front of the body* as the body unwinds through the hitting area. Dragging the handle is a term I use to help stop golfers from throwing the club head into the ball. After impact the club head will pass the hands and release on its own for a basic shot. The reason I use the “dragging the handle” term is… many golfers are taught to release the club head into the ball and then point the club head and shaft at the target, after impact. With my method that does not really happen because, the golf swing is rotary not linear. So, in the body rotation video I’m exaggerating the concept of the arms/club shaft being moved (by the body rotation) to the left for a right handed golfer.

* This does not mean everything is exactly lined up static like setup, the body is still unwinding, turning to the finish. It just feels like the elbows have returned in front vs. left behind.