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DaveF Jan 21, 2020

Hi Ross!
Coincidentally, I was going to ask a similar question about the right elbow. If I’m keeping my elbows pointed at the hips and just turn my shoulders in the backswing, should the right elbow be folding at all? I associate that with the template breaking down is why I ask. (Alternatively, if I’m keeping my elbows pinched at the top and again at impact do I need to think about anything else “elbow related” if that’s working for me?)

I relate to the torso comment because I’ve really struggled with that as the manifestation of any tension. If I don’t totally relax my stomach and upper abdomen my shoulders do not make a full turn and my elbows disconnect and there’s no coil. But when I relax my lower AND upper Abs so it feels like I’m turning my shoulders above my chest (which I think I read about in one of your blog posts?), it is magical. Still pretty new to me though TBH. Working on breathing exercises and a better routine. Suggestions?

Overall, credit to Ross for keeping it as simple as possible, because I am NOT an athlete that’s for sure. Definitely making big progress sticking with the method, gaining confidence, and having it feel natural.