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Richard Aug 04, 2014
In regard to the left arm stopping at 9:00, I hit my irons best with a “shorter”, more compact back swing. My son comented last saturday that I really turn fast thru the shot with Ross’ s method. Have broke 80 several times this summer and am averaging about 82-ish. That was but a pipe dream last year, so I credit Ross with making the game REALLY fun again. I don’t hit long with my irons (55 yards with my 6 iron), but I KNOW how far with every stick…told my son I don’t care how far but want to know how far I hit em. He hits a sand wedge…I hit a 9 iron…we both get the same result.

In conjunction with that, I no longer carry a 4 or 5 iron, replaced em with hybrids…love em!!!

With driver, if I need a little more punch I drop my back foot behind me one “shoe length”…gives me a bit more turn…but I still use Ross’ s driver swing. I can get about 20 to 25 additional yards, but only do this if I gotta have it. Rather be in the fairway fer-sher than risk a wayward shot.