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Ross Jul 29, 2014
Something is off with your setup and you’re not keeping the face square if it slices. Even if you had open shoulders, if the face was square at impact, the ball would go straight… maybe a little left, but straight (right hander). You want to get all the body lines parallel and learn to keep the face square.

First, everyone will setup a bit different due to different heights and body types. You have to find what works for you. Ideally, the body lines are all parallel to each other and those lines are parallel or a bit open to the target line. Also, you want to be setup athletically and balanced (the sit down look).

Many times golfers end up with their shoulders open because their feet are closed. A slightly open stance is perfectly fine and allows more freedom for rotation and gets the club head closer to the ball with the shaft in line with the front arm. You can see this in other sports too. Most baseball batters have a slightly open stance so they can rotate easier.

Other golfers might have the front shoulder slightly higher to get the club head over to the ball without opening the shoulders. This is more how I’ve played over the years.

Sometimes my students think weight 60% on the front foot means, shifting only their front hip over to the front foot and they leave their chest behind… that is not correct… everything (balanced) is more on top of the front foot. You should be able to raise your back foot off the ground. I feel more of my chest on top of the front foot. FYI, 60% is the minimum, you can have more on the front at setup.

Next, I’ll say that it is not mandatory that the club head be right next to the ball. You can have a “gap” for comfort, since we rotate into the shot. Sometimes golfers open their shoulders trying to get the club head over to the ball. One of the best all time ball strikers, Moe Norman, had about a 2 foot gap on every club. Essentially, so he could get that shaft in line with the front arm. This idea may not be for everyone … I’m just saying it’s okay to do if it makes you more comfortable and it may promote a better rotation.