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Ross Jul 24, 2014
– You can use your shoulders to rotate your hips a little on a full swing, but the shoulders must control this.

– For the most part you can play the ball just inside your front foot… then adjust your back foot for comfort. This is so you can pick up the ball just before the bottom of the swing arc as you rotate.

– Sorry, not sure about this question. You will get this… keep looking and ask questions and practice the drills and you will get it. It does take work.

– Setup takes practice too. A big key is to have the arms setup correctly, and let that hang, then use the feet to move over to the ball and sit down. FYI… there can be a bit of a gap between the club face and ball for comfort…not written in stone that the club head must be right behind the ball (if this helps). We rotate into the ball anyway.