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Ross 12 days ago
The ideal grip pressure for every golfer, is about controlling the club so it does not “flop” or “flip”. I use the term “flop” to replace the word “hinge” (they had different meanings). Here are my definitions so you understand the difference.

Flop: If when the grip pressure is light or soft, and the shoulders do move the club and arms to a point in the backswing, where the club shaft/head starts to fall (towards the golfer) due to the weight of the club head passing over the top of the shaft… or, in other words, where the club head passes the grip. This is difficult to explain but, what happens with a light grip is, the wrists hinge without the actually being activated. The wrists are not moving the club, the weight of the club head falling pass the center line of the shaft (due to gravity) is hinging the wrists… or the club “Flops”.

Hinge: The wrist muscles contract and bend to prepare the hands to throw the club head at the ball (like and axe at a tree).

Flip: Flip or flipping is the result of the wrists having been hinged (either by flop or hinge) and now have the need for the opposite reaction* … to be un-hinged and this many times results in the club head passing the butt end of the shaft just before impact, resulting in thin shot, weak shop, opened or closed club face and other bad things. Many times if there was control on the backswing, there is no (opposite reaction) need to “flip” and the body can just rotate and trap the ball.

Restrict the shoulders: If the golfer grips the club so hard that the arms also tighten … or the arms extended and elbows towards each other with a very firm grip, can hinder or restrict the shoulders from turning freely.

… again, grip pressure (with my method) is about controlling the club just enough that you don’t “restrict the shoulders” (too tight)… let the club head “flop” in the backswing… or “flip” into or just after impact.

* There is a saying: For every “Action” there is an opposite and equal “Reaction”. This means if you ‘do something’ the energy potential stored will have the need to ‘un-do’ it. Like a child on a swing… if you push them one way, as some point the potential energy will want to do the opposite.