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Ross Jan 03
I do not have a specific drill to “correct” an over the top swing. That term is not something I use since it does not say what the issue is and it means different things to different golfers. One example is: If the arms/hands continue lifting higher on their own once the shoulders have finished the backswing, and the hands allow the wrists to hinge or the club drops at the top of the swing, then arms/club are kind of wrapped around the back of the neck creating the need for the hands to grab the club and take over moving first on the downswing… trying to get back down to impact. Another example: The hips start the backswing (instead of the shoulders), and over rotate the body bringing the club way inside creating the need at the top to get the arms/club back down in front. All these problems disappear when you use only the Large Muscles to control the arms/club. Use the Shoulders only on the backswing (not allowing the arms/wrists to lift and hinge)… that way they’re totally controlled by large muscles… then the body can unwind all the way to the finish. I would suggest… The Finish Drill. The Stop Rotate Drill. The Large Muscles Drill. To teach your body how to let the Large Muscles do the work.