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Ross Aug 06, 2014
Hi Patrick
It is essential that the wrist angles at setup, are maintained as your rotate through impact. Eventually, the club head will relase (after the ball is gone). If you’re getting a high draw, you are either flipping (throwing the club head, closes the face and can add loft)… or you tried to help move the ball with your arms, which stops the body’s rotation and moves the ball left (right hander). You may have a driver with too much loft or regular flex, and the new ball position, makes the “effective loft” too high. If I see a couple swing videos, I can tell you for sure. I suspect you’re flipping vs. rotating. The body’s rotation must dominate through to the finish. You want to learn to keep the wrist angles from setup, the same as you return through impact. Sometimes holding the back wrist bent in a bit, helps keep the shaft in line with the front arm as you turn through.