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davew Aug 04, 2014
Ross, On the downswing I have a thought which may, on first sight seem obvious, but in reality it has made a great deal of difference to my results. It is on you theme of unwinding from the ground up (yes, I am still concentrating on the turn back) where we most naturally think of turning the hips. This was not really working for me so I really thought about what needed to happen. I realised the only way to get my mind to execute a powerful turn was to think of the feet really driving the leg’s through to a finish whilst maintaining posture.
This is the most effective way I have had to execute the turn back and I really feel as though I am hitting the ball with my core rather than hand’/arms etc. I am convinced once this is more embodied my game will improve a lot. So, I think ‘unwind from the ground up’ is EXACTLY right.