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Ross Aug 25, 2014
More and more, I’m thinking that a real focus on keeping the shape from setup, fixed during the backswing, and then back into impact and through, helps keep the hands busy “holding” vs. flipping and trying to help. You may need a bit more grip pressure to maintain the setup angles. That club wants to flip, if you don’t hold it from flipping… but your body must keep turning and accelerating.

Traditional instruction has the hands doing many things on the backswing, and just before impact, trying to find this “ideal”* impact position. That take exceptional skill and luck… and is the first thing to go under pressure. You want impact to feel like a rotary/trapping move vs. a hit at the ball feeling.

* Shaft in line with the front arm, being supported by the back hand/wrist bent in. Then, this shape is essentially, drug through impact around to the left (right hander). This has the shaft leading the club face for a solid golf shot, and the body controlling. So, instead of trying to find this at impact, during the swing… we just setup like impact and maintain this using the Large Muscles for a repeatable golf swing. Makes golf more fun.