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DaveF Aug 22, 2014
Hit some really pure shots last weekend, thanks for that!
I noticed that when I relaxed my entire left side and slowed the backswing down, it gave me the freedom to turn back with the feeling of no lower body movement. When I can do that, it makes turning on the downswing almost automatic. It feels awesome when it happens. However, finding it difficult to recapture that feeling. Using a mirror I’m noticing my hips keep getting pulled early in the backswing and I sway slightly.
I keep attributing it to flexibility, but I think it’s something else. Per your post, Thinking “move shoulders, not chest” has me rotating higher up on my spine without pulling my hips too soon. It feels similar to putting, in the sense of keeping centered over the ball.
Anyway, after 3 consecutive days of golf last weekend, and hitting more consistently than ever before, I captured what it felt like to execute the swing, so I’m excited, hoping I can do it on a regular basis. It’s sure not from a lack of trying!
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Ross Aug 22, 2014
Great DaveF !! I don’t think you have to “hope” you can do it on a regular basis. The more you stay focused on this, the more you will learn about “it” and your confidence will grow. Putting in the time is what confidence is all about. As you work on, or with something, you’ll find how it works, breaks, and how to fix it the next swing. That is what builds consistency. I’m sure no one hits perfect shots every time, it is about getting back on track asap, as to not lose strokes and confidence. The more you work and stay focused on one thing, the more familiar you are with it (and yourself).