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davew Jun 27, 2014
Hi Ross,

I will try again to load my question/comment. I assume by chest ‘moving slightly’ you mean in a lateral away from and towards the target (not swaying) due to the centre of rotation being about the spine.

This is good thought to have like turn the front shoulder or whatever that will cause the spine to be the centre of rotation. I am sure that many of us cannot even sense necessarily any lateral motion of the spine that could be happening above and beyond this i.e. we think we are staying centred until we see a shadow of our head moving laterally (this is a great method to get the feeling of staying centred – watch your shadow on a practice swing). Any lateral movement of the spine could have potentially disastrous consequences for the motion into impact and you are right to major on it.

I will certainly take on board the chest thought.

Best Regard’s,