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carlgo Mar 06, 2016
Do competitive brands of irons have a wide variation of all these angles and offsets?

While we are on the subject, I have always wanted to ask about all these “helpful” angles and offsets and all. It seems if you are off a hair at the top, you are way off at the ball, like everything is magnified rather than compensated for. Just imagining, but it almost seems like one of those antique clubs might be easier to hit as they have no offsets or forward lean, only a loft angle and lie angle. I am tempted to weld up a steel iron sort of thing and attach it to a shaft and see what happens.

The advertisements often tout how their new club helps shape shots, something that is years away for the average golfer as far as I can see. We put 100% of our effort into hitting the ball, getting it up in the air, hitting it straight and hopefully for some happy distance. I don’t see many people on the range hitting curve balls on purpose.