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Ross Mar 06, 2016
Great post !! Yes, club makers have been “building in” compensations into clubs for years, to try to “fix” setup and swing issues. The problem with that is … “everything is a trade-off”.

Let’s take the “extreme shaft angle” you’re talking about. If the golfer happens to get the shaft in line with the front arm at impact (a good thing), what happens to the club face?… or if it is a closed or open face compensation, and the golfer actually squares up the face correctly?

I loved my old pings, but eventually they had to go because of the offset hosels. As my method developed and I used my rotation for much better contact, I was constantly fighting the ball wanting to go left. I think I was helping in those days with a bit of a flip that had to go too. The two together made for some scary shots.

I’m not suggesting anyone run out and buy new clubs, but you do want to know the characteristics of the clubs you’re playing.