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Ross May 25, 2018
I’m going to say; It’s not possible to over rotate if it is done correctly and in balance. It is possible to rotate the hips way ahead of the shoulders/arms, to the point that when the shoulders/arms catch up, the new path is left of the target. Here’s one example.

You start with your shoulders and hips parallel to the target line. You start the takeaway using the shoulders first. The shoulder eventually turn the hips some to the end of the backswing. Hypothetically at this point the shoulders have turned 90° and the hips 45°. Okay, on the downswing the body unwinds, and because of gravity, the arms/club are pulled back down in front of the body into impact. Now, ideally, at impact, the hips are slightly open to the target line, the shoulders are back parallel with the arms/club at the ball with a square club face. This is a “dynamic” position… meaning everything is moving and nothing is stopping or passing. The body is unwinding like a rubber band.

Now this scenario is a kind of ideal model. Everyones body is different and shots are different with different needs.

Now, I suspect in your case, your arms/club are stuck behind you. Usually that is because the back elbow is bent out* getting caught on your back hip, so the arms could not get back in front in time… the body keeps turning and by the time the arms/club impact, there is a new path to the left. Some call this “Spinning out”. This might be because you lifted your arms up to help and your own muscles are holding your arms/club up, or back, so gravity can’t bring them back down. Essentially, they’re left behind until later in the swing when you’re now aimed left.

* The elbows must stay close together. I prefer pointing back at the hips as much as possible… especially the front elbow at impact!