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Ross Dec 13, 2015
The hands can end in many different positions, depending on the kind of shot you’re taking.

Many of my videos are drills to teach you to let the body’s rotation bring the hands/arms/club around. Most golfers let the hands/arms take over through impact and they end up in many different places… but, when the body moves the arms/club around, it looks much more controlled. It really has to do with the amount of acceleration and commitment a golfer makes on the downswing. If I’m turning through with driver on some shots my hands/arms will end very high (but they never took over on their own). The body turned completely and the arms/club continued due to momentum/inertia. On other controlled driver shots like a “cut”, I feel like I’m holding the club face off to help shape the shot and the hands might end lower.

Guess what I’m saying is, don’t go by the hands… look more at the body turn… knees and back foot, for a complete turn. We always want a complete turn… even with short shots. Complete turn will make you much more consistent. If you’re hitting too far… shorten the backswing, but complete the finish.

Hint: If you’ve used your body correctly to the finish, everything ends together. The body does not get done first, then the arms/club finish late… or, the arms/club pull the body around to the finish. The body brings the arms/club around and everything finishes together.