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Ross Mar 29, 2017
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#2 That is not true. It depends on the shaft angle … and depends on his “swinging” concept. We don’t swing the arms … our body is unwinding and dragging the shaft/arms through and around to the left. Everything is moving the ball. This is much different than traditional flipping the club head or letting the arms swing past the body through impact. That can add loft (effective loft) and spin. It also depends on when the club face makes contact with the ball with respect to the swing arc … before the bottom, at the bottom or even a little bit after the bottom on the way back up. They all affect the ball flight.

#3 Oh yea !! that is truly the case. There is no education on Golf Instruction (per se) and anyone can teach golf. There was a very old outdated teaching manual that contained all the traditional golf teaching cliches. I have always had big problems with this topic and just kept (and keep) searching for better more reliable instruction.