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Ross Mar 28, 2017
I remember the “let the club do the work” phase… and I’m still waiting… haha. The club never wants to take over and do the work…. haha. What I mean … is, that “Let the club do the work”, is a useless (detrimental) thought because, obviously the club can not move itself, so some part(s) of the body have to do the work and that though actually works against you.

This EXACT reason is why I developed my method of teaching. So few teachers know how the body works and make comments like “Swing your arms”… okay with what?? What swings my arms?? Or “release the club”… if I do it will fly out of my hands… or “Load up on the backswing” Many are like parrots just repeating the same old non-specific thoughts…. “Keep your head down” or “Hit down on it” …. sorry (little rant)… all useless, because they don’t tell you or explain what muscles need to move and how they work together.

I don’t like your “collecting into impact” that sounds like something culminates there. Impact is just a moment in the trip where the ball happens to be. We are ACCELERATING through impact, to finish together. Jon Rahm is an awesome example of this… short backswing and then turns fast to the finish and everything ends together (like one move). This is thought is MUCH better. Everything finishes together! Now, they don’t swing together … there is a wind-up, and un-wind on both the backswing and downswing, but everything finishes together… EVERY SHOT.

The Ross Move is to teach you to let the body bring the arms/club back down in front of the body, and around to the left (right hander). This is all one continuous, accelerating move. Uninhibited and nothing “happens” … the ball just gets in the way. Forget about the ball. Picture the whole downswing trip at the pace you intend to turn through, … then COPY IT! … see how you want to finish together, then DO IT! Your body will follow the mental image you send it and will find a way to get it done.