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DaveF Mar 27, 2017
Don’t think I could deal with that “rattler”. Wow!

BTW, one of those guys this weekend told me he wasn’t going to play with me anymore because I’m too good now. I think he meant it as a compliment, but obviously to your point, everything is a competition to some people…even when they don’t keep score, oddly enough.

I do have a follow-up question on the Ross Move. I made some errors with misinterpreting it, like stabbing or sticking myself in the side with my right elbow (almost) and then trying to turn everything together (more like a whole body heave [frown] Obviously I wasn’t rotating as a result. Worked through that.

So a question on a slightly alternate way of thinking about it:
Since the goal is to swing through the correct impact position, once I have rehearsed it, and I have an impact feel and visual saved, if I let the hips do all the work on the downswing and I rotate around my left hip, and I finish correctly, I must be executing the Ross Move by default right? I mean instead of thinking of it as a separate piece of the swing. I’m finding if I start the downswing gradually with my hips (although I think more about my left knee), and think about everything “collecting” into impact, it’s all good, and I confuse myself less with different clubs.

PS My dad started us on golf, and somewhere he picked up that chestnut of
“Let the club do the work!”. I wonder where he got it from, I’ve yet to hear any teacher, pro, commentator, magazine article or book mention it. Anyway, it’s feeling that way more and more by taking the upper body out of the equation!