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Ross Mar 24, 2017
I’m sure many golfers can relate to what you just said. Might be time for new friends that are more encouraging.

Golf has so many competitive areas… score, distance, direction, attitude, self control… there’s really no end. Your friends don’t “mean well”, they’re just “mean” and want to rattle you so they can win. Some think that part of golf is the best part.

I remember playing a tournament one day and a fellow competitor would rattle his pocket full of spare change just before my takeaway on almost every shot/putt. Pretty soon I was more focused on when he was going to rattle the change than my routine. Hum… where do you draw the line. Is that cheating?

Golf used to be called a “Gentleman’s Sport”. Guess that got lost somewhere [confused].

I think wearing ear plugs or head phones might be something to try. Then you could pull one of them off your ear and say to your friend… “Sorry, did you say something… I didn’t hear you”. Hahaha