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DaveF Mar 23, 2017
Thanks Ross, I hear that! I do start losing focus around the 15th hole. Luckily my short game bailed me out. Your method gives me tremendous confidence with my lob and sand wedges that I got up and down after a couple poor tee shots, in long rough and to short sided tricky pin positions. I nearly holed both of them.

With a full swing it’s sure difficult to resist the urge to “muscle up” on the backswing, regardless of the fact that it NEVER works! It doesn’t help when your partners inevitably trot out the old stale comments like “you must have had your spinach this morning!”, “are you on steriods?”, or “you crushed that”.
I personally just focus on placing my shots and keep it in play, and try and keep to a routine – NOT my strength, working on it.
I had one of my longest drives Saturday and heard all those comments and more. What they should have said was “wow, you had a controlled and compact backswing, you paused, and turned through to a controlled balanced finish”. I just try and tune that nonsense out. So many challenges in golf, never the same game twice!