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Ross Mar 10, 2017
If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying you have trouble doing the Ross move throughout all the clubs. Yes the distance the arms/club travel on the backswing is different for shorter and longer clubs. This is why I developed the Ross move.

One of the main reasons that happens is, the shorter the club length, the more tilt in the spine, and the more restricted (limited) the shoulder turn is on the backswing… or, in other words the longer the club length, the more vertical the tilt in the spine, and the shoulders can rotate farther on the backswing.

If you are truly using only your shoulders on the backswing, and then only using your body to unwind the down swing, there should be no issue. My point, is if your arms/club are being left behind on longer clubs, then your body rotation is NOT bring your arms back down in front of you and around to the left (right hander)… in other words, your body has lost touch of where your arms/club are, and the body is not doing its job to “bring” them back down in front.

If your body needed to throw a huge boulder to your left, and you were holding this boulder with your arms and hands, the body would not just spin out leaving the arms and boulder behind … The body would totally be aware of the boulder’s weight, and it’s job to move the boulder and arms through to throw it to your left. Try to be aware of your arms/club at the finish of the backswing, and use your body to bring them down and around.

NOW… those last paragraphs were about leaving your arms/club behind… and you said arms take over and that is usually for different reasons.

It can be from leaving them behind and you created a need for them to catch up, so they move themselves or take over (as you say) …AGAIN, this is the Ross Move not being achieved on the downswing. You created an “urge”, usually a panic move for the arms/hands, trying to get back to the ball in time 🙁 The worst part of this is the body “stops”* rotating to let the arms/hands catch up, … and once the body stops, the arms/club past the body’s rotation and you’re in trouble.

I would practice the Ross Move using your Driver at a very slow pace. Copy Hideki Matsuyama’s pause in the backswing to help you feel “The Ross Move”. It will help a lot.

*It is extremely rare that the hips keep moving while the arms take over. Your hips are probably pausing/stopping for a 1/2 second, then what you see is the arms momentum start pulling your hips around to the end.