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Actually, I do in a sense. The difference is in chipping the shoulders move in a down/up movement (like putting)… all the rest of my instruction, Pitching and Swing, the shoulders do start the movement, but move around the spine (not up/down). Carl Lohren saw this movement in Ben Hogan’s swing many years ago and wrote a book called “One Move to Better Golf”*. This around the spine movement for the shoulders is more of a front shoulder moving forward as the back shoulder moves back. This movement starts the backswing and the other very important component is that, once the backswing has finished, the body rotation then takes over and rotates all the way to the finish. It is not a partial follow through. This allows the large muscles to control the entire movement back and through to the finish.

* The shoulders starting the swing in this fashion is the only part of Carl Lohren’s teaching that I agree with and use.